Sørensen Leather is actively supporting the wellbeing of children around the world

On an international level, we support the SOS Children’s Villages (SOS Børnebyer), an organisation working long-term with orphans and vulnerable children’s development in the Children’s Villages they have established worldwide. Their mission is “A loving home for every child”, where children get a nurturing childhood with a secure family, a place they can call home, as well as an education.

Through SOS Children’s Villages, we help to safeguard vulnerable children from being alone or at risk. We also contribute to supporting the family and the social development of their community.

On a local level, we want children in Denmark to have a good upbringing with great support from their surroundings. That’s why we are proud to continue our support of the organisation called Children’s Rights (Børns Vilkår).

Children’s Rights is a private, humanitarian organisation equipped with the resources to give anonymous professional advice and support in situations where children and young people are experiencing bullying, grief, divorce or violence.

They continuously strive to ensure that no child in Denmark is abandoned, betrayed or forsaken – by an adult or by society at large. A mutual desire we feel deeply about and are proud to support.

As a further reflection of our commitment to children’s rights, we also support the Night Owls (Natteravnene), who go out of their way to create a safe environment at night for children and young people.

The Night Owls is a Danish organisation of volunteers who are out on the streets of Denmark during the evening – available for young people to talk to or look to for advice. As adult role models in their local neighbourhoods, the Night Owls are a welcome presence that also helps prevent vandalism and violence.

To help keep young people safe at night in our own hometown, we have chosen to support the dedicated team of Night Owls in Tilst.