Into the woods with Laura Bilde and Norm Architects | Sorensen Leather

“Into the woods” is a series of cylindrical structures crafted in our leather, clustered together as a symbolic reference to a forest. An immersive approach to showcasing samples from our collection, allowing people to personally see and feel the textures and other material qualities.

Each cylinder is crafted in a different leather colour from a spectrum of browns and greys, much like you would find in forests in Scandinavia. Boasting a presence that’s inviting even from afar, the colours create a cohesive impression when combined together. Designed by Laura Bilde and Norm Architects, it reflects our desire for people to experience leather as a natural material that engages the senses. Yet another example of how we encourage architects, designers and anyone in the creative arena to take leather beyond the typical.

Photos by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

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Pillars upholstered in brown leather from Into the Woods art installation

Woman walking among pillars upholstered in brown leather

Woman standing behind pillars upholstered in brown leather

Close-up of pillar upholstered in leather

brown leather texture

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