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Production Partners


As a sustainable company with a conscience, we care about consumption and its effects on the environment. Since it is no longer possible to produce leather in Denmark, we choose the best independent producers with the highest standards as our production partners.

While each producer has complete control over their production processes, both our European producers, as well as our producers that sell to companies in Europe, are obliged to comply with the stringent requirements and high standards set forth by EU legislation regarding animal welfare, water, energy and resource consumption, chemical usage, good working conditions, etc.

These requirements are evaluated and updated on a regular basis. As a result, leather producers must stay on top of their game at all times, by continually researching and adopting alternative, more sustainable production processes. Given this ongoing process of updating requirements and the responsibility of producers to adhere to them, the resource consumption necessary for the tanning process is regulated and controlled at all times – in order to have as little a negative impact on the environment as possible.

We give our production partners two extra contracts with two different sets of standards that they must comply with. The first standard is REACH, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. They are considered the industry authority on providing the rules and guidelines for producers to minimise the use of chemicals in production processes.

The other standard is the UN Global Compact. When signed, it certifies that neither our production partners nor their suppliers work with child labour. It further states in detail the need to respect human rights, to have an environmentally-friendly approach, to encourage the development and adoption of environmentally-friendly technologies and to work against corruption.

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