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Leather is our passion. It’s a natural material with an innate beauty that resonates with humans everywhere in the world. It’s also a durable material which, with proper care and maintenance, can last for generations.

At Sørensen Leather, sustainability is a key, underlying factor that drives our ambitions and decisions. What’s more, we are aligned with the United Nations Global Goals (UNGG), known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Reflecting our commitment as a company with sustainable products and procedures that support a circular economy.

Our aim is to apply our experience to broaden people’s knowledge of leather and its use, based on our position as a global provider of high quality, genuine, sustainable leather.

We challenge, inspire and introduce new leather types and applications in a variety of creative collaborations and arenas, where the use of sustainable leather creates value – which we promote in our global brand communication.

Armed with the highest level of competences and industry knowledge, Sørensen Leather is a global company with the resources and the ambition to be the best source of high quality, genuine, sustainable leather.