NOIR+ is one of those leathers that stirs the emotions even before you touch it. Come closer and you can see the natural markings and feel the smooth texture of the surface in this full grain leather boasting a matt look with a subtle shine.

As a semi-aniline leather, the natural grain is still visible, adding authenticity and originality. NOIR+ has a special light finish that protects it from dirt, the effects of light and the harmful rays of the sun, which makes it even easier to work with on an array of projects.

NOIR+ is a versatile leather that’s an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s soft, flexible and very comfortable, which makes it a natural choice for furniture. Beyond furniture, it’s also ideal for designing a chic interior, all kinds of furnishings, accessories, decorative elements, accessories and surfaces, such as doors, room dividers and more.

In addition to black as the standard colour, NOIR+ is our new version in a range of colours. Which extends the list of what’s possible with NOIR+ way beyond what you ever imagined.

Our NOIR+ collection has received the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® certification. A scientifically-founded, worldwide testing and certification system for leather that covers all stages of production. Based on international test standards and other recognised test processes, the certification involves around 100 test parameters. Including numerous environmentally-relevant substances and chemicals harmful to the health. The more intensively an article comes into contact with the skin, the stricter the human-ecological requirements that it must fulfil.

OEKO-TEX® certificate

Minimum order 1 hide
Dispatch Within 24 hours
Type Semi-aniline leather
Thickness 1.0 – 1.2 mm
Size 5.0 – 6.0 m2
Origin European rawhide, typically from Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia
Surface Matt, soft with a slight texture
Finish Light surface protection
Tannage Chrome
Dye Water-based aniline dye
Particular attributes The preferred choice of design masters. A forever classic that’s perfect for any contemporary setting, enjoy the soft, matt surface with natural markings in this multi-purpose leather boasting a light finish to protect it from stains and the effects of light
Creative applications Think business spaces, executive offices, meeting rooms, reception areas, museums, galleries, airport lounges, VIP conference halls, hotel suites, restaurants, government buildings, libraries, private residences, etc.

Care & cleaning
As a natural material, leather requires looking after. If you care for the leather in the right way, it will become even more beautiful over time. Here are a few tips:
Our leather is ready for you to use as soon as it arrives, so there is no initial need to treat it or clean it. Over time if you see the need for cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner once or twice a month with a soft brush to remove any dust. Once or twice a year for thorough cleaning, use the foam from soap flakes stirred in warm water. Apply the foam with a dry soft cloth, minimising any contact with water. Avoid bar soap, saddle soap, leather cleaners, household detergents or chemical products. Protect from direct sunlight, excessive heat and sharp objects

The care and maintenance of leather will always depend on the specific way in which it is used, the conditions of use and how often it is used.

Custom Special colours available with a minimum order. Just ask us

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OEKO-TEX® certificate


Black - 31330

Royal - 31326

Green - 31327

Tobacco - 31328

Cognac - 31322

Red - 31324

Nature - 31323