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Sustainability Statement

By definition, leather is a sustainable material because it is durable and long lasting. A natural, upcyclable material that increases in appeal as it ages with grace.


Leather is one of the most durable, natural materials used for furniture, product design and other creative sectors. High-quality, high-end leather can last for generations. Proper care and maintenance will help keep the attributes of each leather intact, prolonging the durability of leather even more. A material that’s also appreciated for growing old with grace.

Our Goal

To ensure high quality, sustainable leather that is long lasting, which minimises waste and supports a circular economy by staying in the circular loop.

How we support the United Nation’s Global Goals – SDG 12

We are the exclusive source of some of the most high-end, sustainable leather in the world. Our leather is high quality, durable and suitable for generations to come, thus minimising any waste through prevention. By providing a more durable product to begin with, we also reduce the use of natural resources.

Through upcycling, raw hides are up-graded into leather.
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