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Introducing TERRA®

TERRA® is a new type of innovative high-end leather developed in close collaboration with Norm Architects, known for their thoughtful design philosophy that seeks to engage the senses and enrich the quality of life. TERRA® is a luxurious and a truly premium leather that’s terrific to touch. It will add a calm and natural look to any space, suitable for any kind of concept.

With this collection, you have a new contemporary classic for your next design. Each hide is truly unique with beautiful natural markings. Over time, the leather will become smoother and shinier. In addition, it will gain a natural and lovely patina, adding both character and authenticity to the leather.

“The rich hues of TERRA® capture the beauty of nature. We find ourselves returning again and again to the natural world — the primordial home of the human race — for guidance in the pursuit of timeless beauty, simplicity, and connectivity. Our bodies are at home in nature, and we reach a blissful homeostasis in the presence of natural elements. While we might not realistically exchange the metropolis for the wild, bringing nature into the built environment through biophilic design has a similar, calming effect. Running a hand across stone, brick, clay, wood, linen or leather ignites familiar sensations of the outdoors and floods our mind with pleasing emotions and grounds us firmly on earth.” – Norm Architects

Natural earthy tones 

TERRA® is an extremely soft aniline leather, featuring a silky-matt surface with a subtle shine and a velvety tactile feel that evokes one’s senses. A selection of both eye-catching and natural earthy tones, ranging from beautiful shades of green and yellow to deep red and brown nuances that create a gorgeous nature-inspired colour scheme, curated by Norm Architects.

Colours: Basalt, Clay, Jade, Lime, Marble, Ochre, Oxide, Raku, Sand, Silt, Soil and Umber.

Learn more about TERRA® here.

Art exhibition design 

The art exhibition is designed by Norm Architects in collaboration with stylist Pernille Vest. It consists of six wall dividers of varying heights each crafted in leather from our TERRA® collection to bring a multi-sensory element to the exhibition, allowing people to have an engaging and sensorial experience. The dividers serve both as visual as well as tactile displays, encouraging people to experiment with different colours.

Stylist Pernille Vest incorporated specially selected artworks that reflect the spectrum of TERRA®’s earthy colours—from the softness of sand, the depths of soil and the richness of clay.

Featuring works by:

Thank you to Dinesen who has generously contributed with their materials.

Photography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


Katrine Blinkenberg


  • Bring Me Water Collection

Katrine Blinkenberg is a self-taught artist who works with interiors, design and handicrafts. She originally graduated with a Master of Theology from the University of Copenhagen and worked as a priest until she quit to dedicate her time to art and ceramics.

Katrine’s collection “Bring Me Water” draws inspiration from the desert as a liminal space where you’re beyond control or pushed to the limit. A place where you’re able to meet God, receive personal revelation and survive. The big question is: What are your needs when you’re complete lost or out there? And what or who is your water? In other words: Where do you get that living water?

See more at www.firepaperrun.dk or follow Katrine on Instagram @firepaperrun or @katrine.blinkenberg.

Louise Machholm Madsen


  • all that i have acquired in life is yours for the taking (relic 1)
  • all that i have acquired in life is yours for the taking (relic )
  • scraps of soil

Copenhagen-based ceramicist Louise Machholm Madsen is fascinated by the different material properties of clay. In 2020, she graduated from The Danish Royal Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation and holds a Master of arts (MA) degree in design.

In her work “scraps of soil”, the clay shells in red clay are a reproduction of waste material from previous work productions. Louise explores the earth as a physical object as well as she considers the narratives linked to the material from a collective, subjective, and sensual point of view.

The vases in the exhibition emphasize the constant changeability of the physical world. Frozen moments caught in dynamic stages of transformation made by waste material that can no longer be used for conventional ceramic production. Louise wants to evoke a sense of uncontrollability, even though the ceramics appear sensually seductive.

Follow Louise on her Instagram @lo.madsen for more inspiration. 

Naja Utzon Popov


  • Momentum
  • Expanse

Naja Utzon Popov is an international artist born in Copenhagen. She grew up in Denmark as well as Australia and graduated from the University of Westminster in Great Britain.

Among other things, Naja interprets the impressions from nature with a special focus on the properties and characteristics of ceramics. Her sculpture “Momentum” is based on the resilience of nature during natural disasters such as bushfires and the naturally occurring regrowth that happens immediately after everything is burnt out. The sculpture is both poetic and somber with references to both life and growth as well as perishability and should be a symbol of moving forward, of hope and of change. We say goodbye to what has been and welcome what slowly emerges from the darkness.

The surfaces of the vases in the exhibition highlight the beautiful colours of the material. Through her passion for the many possibilities of clay, Naja uses a quiet, yet strong art idiom to express her messages about taking care of nature and life’s beauty as well as its fragility.

Next year, she will be exhibiting at The Venice Biennale, an international cultural exhibiton hosted in Venice, Italy.

See more at www.najautzonpopov.com or follow Naja on Instagram @najautzonpopov.

Pia Hutters


  • Weightless
  • Harmony

Pia Hutters is a Danish artist and sculptor based in Copenhagen. She works both figurative and abstract using different materials and media. Her artworks often contain soft, intuitive brushstrokes painted with Japanese ‘Fude’ brushes and ‘Sumi-e’ ink. A practice inspired by the simplicity and serenity she found in Japanese aesthetics while living in Tokyo years ago.

Pia is especially inspired by the posture of the body, transforming her interpretations into sculptures using clay. When sculpting, she enjoys working with both figurative interpretations and extracts of the human body as well as abstract shapes with a minimalistic, and often organic, expression. Each of her brushstroke represents the moment where her mind is free to create its own universe.

Each pressure from her hands represents the moment where her mind is free to create its own universe and tell its own story.

See more at www.piahutters.dk or follow her on Instagram @piahutters.

Ole Victor


  • OV21
  • OV22
  • OV23

Ole Victor is a Danish artist with a creative studio in Svendborg. He attended The Art Academy from 1975 to 1980. Since then, he has worked as a ceramicist and visual artist. In 1989, he debuted his works for the first time.

Ole uses clay to create a thoughtful universe revolving around the origin of life and the female body. His sculptural and sensual universe is characterized by soft shapes, strong expressions, calm moods combined with warmth and intensity.

The transition and connection between the light and dark sides of life is reflected in the layers of the glazes. The exhibition features Ole’s siganture vases called OV21, OV22 and OV23.

Follow Ole on Instagram @eliaseliasdk for more inspiration. His website is just about to be launched.

Longfei Wang – Tōsei


  • Dragon scales tea ceremony set

Longfei Wang (王龍飛), alias Tōsei (桃青), is a Chinese-born Danish multi-artist.

Working with clay, Tōsei folds East Asian philosophy into Scandinavian aesthetics using traditional techniques.

This series is crafted with self-blend glaze using locally sourced wild clay and wood ashes and then fired with renewable energy.

Core to his artistic process is respecting the naturalness of clay and other earthly materials. Instead of adding layers to clay, Tōsei explores and reconnects with clay’s inner life by revealing its concealed natural characteristics.

See more at www.longfeiwang.com or follow him on Instagram @toseibo or @longfeiwang.

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