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Developed in collaboration with Norm Architects

TERRA® is a new type of innovative high-end leather developed in close collaboration with Norm Architects, known for their thoughtful design philosophy that seeks to engage the senses and enrich the quality of life.

TERRA® is an extremely soft aniline leather featuring a silky-matt surface with a velvety tactile feel that evokes one’s senses, offering a touch of modern sophisticated elegance. The amazing array of rich hues capture the beauty of nature. A selection of both eye-catching and natural earthy tones, ranging from beautiful shades of green and yellow to bordeaux and brown nuances that create a gorgeous nature-inspired colour scheme, curated by Norm Architects. Clay, sand and orchre combined with silt and soil evoke images of sandy deserts and rocky landscapes. A unique serene symphony of harmonious colours with an exclusive and soothing appearance, pleasing to the eye.

Each hide is truly unique with beautiful natural markings. Over time, the leather will become smoother and shinier. In addition, it will gain a natural and lovely patina, adding both character and authenticity to the leather.

TERRA® is a luxurious and a truly premium leather that’s terrific to touch. It will add a calm and natural look to any space, and it is suitable for any kind of concept. With TERRA®, you have a new contemporary classic for your next design.

Norm Architects is a Copenhagen-based multi-disciplinary practice working with architecture, interiors, design and creative direction. With a focus on design that embraces mind and body, their creative credo is all about exploring the essence of the design, where there’s nothing to add or subtract. Drawing on Scandinavian simplicity, soft minimalism and modernism, they create timeless designs with intrinsic appeal, depth and dimension in their quest to re-define the new Nordic norm.

Minimum order 1 hide
Dispatch Within 24 hours
Type Aniline leather
Thickness 1.2 – 1.4
Size 5.0 – 5.5 m2
Origin EU
Surface Natural aniline with a silk-matt surface and subtle natural markings
Finish None
Tannage Chrome
Dye Water based aniline dye
Particular attributes – TERRA® boasts a silky feel and a sanded surface with depth, giving it a beautiful and exclusive appearance. Its tactile quality is truly exceptional, while the stunning array of rich earthy tones creates an inviting feel.
Carbon footprint: 1 M² Sørensen leather = 8.7 kg CO2e
PFAS: Free from PFAS and phthalates
LWG: Is produced according to Leather Working Groups (LWG) standards.

Care & cleaning
As a natural material, leather requires looking after. If you care for the leather in the right way, it will become even more beautiful over time. Here are a few tips: Only vacuum clean with a soft brush. Never use soap or water otherwise the velvety look and feel will disappear. Do not apply leather grease or soak the leather. Avoid any chemical products, such as saddle soap, other leather cleaners or household products. Protect from direct sunlight, excessive heat and sharp objects. The care and maintenance of leather will always depend on the specific way in which it is used, the conditions of use and how often it is used.

Custom Special colours available with a minimum order. Just ask us.

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Soil - 20360


Umber - 20361


Oxide - 20362

Ochre - 20363

Sand - 20364

Lime - 20365

Marble - 20366

Raku - 20367

Raku - 20367

Jade - 20368

Basalt - 20369

Clay - 20370

Silt - 20371

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