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Just like leather, we’re very authentic and real

You are welcome to contact us with even your initial ideas and you’ll get our honest input, as well as guidance all along the way. Insights based on our profound love of leather and our 50 years in the business dealing directly with architects, designers, artisans, upholsterers and manufacturers from around the globe. And just like leather, there’s nothing artificial about us!

Every day we work with new types of challenges from our customers. New furniture designs, objects, interiors and other ideas where leather brings their concepts to life. We refuse to be limited by how people used to do things or usually do things. Instead we give our imagination free reign. We continuously think outside the box, partnering with talented professionals who inspire us – and vice versa.

So if you have a question, chances are we’ll have the answer even before you ask it.

Sørensen Leather A/S
Lægårdsvej 19
8520 Lystrup
Phone +45 8745 2930
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