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Developed in collaboration with Space Copenhagen

NUANCE has a remarkable depth and dimension that exudes authenticity, with the added advantage that it’s designed to be durable. It’s a new type of Protected leather we developed in close collaboration with Space Copenhagen, where the nuances are seen in the natural texture as well as the tones. Featuring neutrals derived from a grey scale and rich, earthy essentials.

With NUANCE, the realness and the richness truly come through in a leather that’s lush to the touch. The natural patterns and imperfections are visible, reflecting the innate beauty of each hide. A very light, invisible coating keeps the subtleties and softness intact while protecting the leather from wear and tear. The result is a terrific tactile sensation in a leather that’s both alluring and enduring.

Enjoy an array of evocative colours comprised of shades derived from gradients of grey and an array of deeper, earthy tones. Together they complement each other and create an uncanny sense of continuity. Watch the colours take on more character as a subtle patina emerges over time.

Indulge in the sensory experience of a luscious, durable leather rich with detail and depth.

NUANCE has received the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® certification. A scientifically-founded, worldwide testing and certification system for leather. Based on international test standards and other recognised test processes, the certification involves around 100 test parameters. Including numerous environmentally-relevant substances and chemicals harmful to the health. The more intensively an article comes into contact with the skin, the stricter the human-ecological requirements that it must fulfil.

Our NUANCE collection has passed a special testing of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), which measures emissions and other factors as to their effect on air quality. A TVOC certificate guarantees that no harmful emissions are released into the environment, thus contributing to a healthy indoor atmosphere.

Space Copenhagen is an architecture and design studio founded by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou. A design duo whose focus extends from furniture, objects and interiors to artistic installations. Space has a deep desire for people to intuitively engage with their surroundings, reflected in their sculptural concepts, elegant angle on atmosphere and profound passion for natural materials like leather. Imbued with a texture, tonality and intrinsic beauty that add to the ambience.

Inspiration: Projects featuring NUANCE
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Mammertsberg Restaurant, Switzerland
Restaurant Goldfinch, Copenhagen
Planetarium, Copenhagen
Restaurant Esmée, Copenhagen
Audo House, Copenhagen
Waterfront House, Copenhagen

Minimum order 1 hide
Dispatch Within 24 hours
Type Protected leather
Thickness 1.2 – 1.4 mm
Size 4.0-5.0 m2
Origin Non-EU
Surface Visible natural markings and two-toned texture
Finish Surface protection
Tannage Chrome
Dye Water-based aniline dye
Particular attributes TVOC tested. A leather with depth, dimension and detail. Water repellent, dirt repellent, stain resistant, durable, easy upkeep.
Certification OEKO-TEX® & TVOC-tested
Carbon footprint: 1 M² Sørensen leather = 8.7 kg CO2e
PFAS: Free from PFAS and phthalates

Care & cleaning
As a natural material, leather requires looking after. If you care for the leather in the right way, it will become even more beautiful over time. Here are a few tips:
Our leather is ready for you to use as soon as it arrives, so there is no initial need to treat it or clean it. Over time if you see the need for cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner once or twice a month with a soft brush to remove any dust. Once or twice a year for thorough cleaning, use the foam from soap flakes stirred in warm water. Apply the foam with a dry soft cloth, minimising any contact with water. Avoid bar soap, saddle soap, leather cleaners, household detergents or chemical products. Protect from direct sunlight, excessive heat and sharp objects

The care and maintenance of leather will always depend on the specific way in which it is used, the conditions of use and how often it is used.

Custom Special colours available with a minimum order. Just ask us

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OEKO-TEX® certificate

Sørensen Leather – SPACE Copenhagen talk about leather's compelling appeal, as co-creators of our NUANCE collection. Video by Monica Steffensen.


Shadow grey - 40780

Shadow grey - 40780

Earthy grey - 40784

Earthy grey - 40784

Heavenly grey - 40781

Smoked grey - 40785

Burned grey - 40783

Light grey - 40782

Light grey - 40782

Dark Green - 40787

Dark Green - 40787

Dark Brown - 40791

Cinnamon - 40788

Burgundy - 40789

Walnut - 40790

Rust - 40786

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