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Perfect imperfections


Our leather originates from raw hides of the highest quality. All our hides are between 4-6 m2 depending on origin. As leather is a natural material, each hide is unique, often with subtle imperfections that attest to its origins and echo the life lived by the animals. Natural markings are a part of nature of 100% real, authentic, genuine leather. We call them perfect imperfections because they boast an authentic and truly unique look to each hide, enhancing its natural beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Natural markings can appear as neck wrinkles, scars and scratches, insect bites, warts, damages on the grain, just to name a few. 

These imperfections do not necessarily appear on every hide. They can be more or less visible depending on your choice of leather type. All our raw hides are checked by hand and go through an extensive series of tests, evaluating everything from thickness to look when they enter our warehouse. The internal quality checks are key to the high quality and durability that have become a true trademark.

Neck wrinkles

Neck wrinkles

Natural fat stripes

Scars and scratches

Natural dark spots

Open scars

Closed scars


All kinds of natural markings & damages

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