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Internal Measures


Sustainability Statement

Each hide goes through our extensive quality controls. We recycle leftovers to third parties in keeping with our policy that every hide is used. All internal activities involve the sustainable management of resources.


Each and every hide must go through our comprehensive series of tests to check the colour calibration, comfort, thickness, shine, look, durability and other quality controls. Hides that don’t meet our high standards are sold as second assortment to third parties. We also use them in the production of marketing materials. Additionally, we sponsor Bank of Materials (BOM) with leather remnants, which are used for educational purposes. Consequently, every single piece of leather from us is used, recycled and re-purposed, thus minimising any leather waste. Furthermore, we have an array of other internal procedures in place that involve recycling, reducing waste and responsibly managing resources. For example, by switching to a greener energy supplier, we have reduced our environmental footprint to zero.

Our Goal

To achieve zero waste in our internal procedures by 2022. We are happy to share that we have achieved our goal by the end of 2022, and we will maintain the procedures going forward.

How we support the United Nation’s Global Goals – SDG 12

The rigorous quality checks of all our hides involves the efficient management and consumption of natural resources. It is also our policy to ensure that all hides are used, which minimises any leather waste, whether for high-end furniture, design concepts, interiors and accessories or as material for educational institutions and sponsorships. We call it closing the loop with Sørensen Leather.

Through upcycling, raw hides are up-graded into leather.
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