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Corporate Social Responsibility is something we take very seriously at Sørensen Leather. It encompasses our corporate commitment concerning the impact of our actions and decisions at a societal and environmental level.

To this end, we have developed a CSR strategy addressing priority areas that we find most relevant to the lifecycle of leather. In this section, you can read about our priority areas, initiatives and accomplishments.

We also developed a series of sustainability statements with goals that are aligned with the UN Global Goals (UNGG) on Sustainable Development. While the entire list of UNGGs spans a broad range of global issues and concerns, our goals correspond to those that are related to our business. With the ultimate goal of protecting the planet and the people who inhabit it.

It reflects our willingness to live up to the various expectations set by ourselves, as well as our internal and external stakeholders. From our choice of raw material and the professionals we partner with to ensuring the highest quality leather so as to minimise waste. Along with numerous other initiatives that contribute to a circular economy.

The overall aim of our CSR strategy is to minimise any negative impact on the environment by partnering with producers that comply with the strictest EU guidelines concerning resource consumption, water waste, chemical usage and working conditions. To have a positive influence on our partners in terms of their CSR actions, and to be the preferred employer among our staff based on our CSR practices that contribute to their wellbeing at work.

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