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A colour journey inspired by nature


LEISURE® is a new advanced, protected leather designed to elevate both indoor and outdoor spaces.


The collection is developed in collaboration with GamFratesi. A Danish/Italian design duo who draws inspiration from a fusion of tradition and innovation with an experimental approach to materials and techniques.





Their work embodies a cross-cultural narrative, enriching contemporary designs, and LEISURE is a fine example of this.


Our Exhibition at 3daysofdesign
– presenting LEISURE


Sørensen Leather and Gamfratesi presents LEISURE at 3daysofdesign in an exhibition celebrating the bond between nature and craftsmanship.


LEISURE’s 14 colours are each lovingly wrapped around a stone, rooted in a pedestal of wood. These enduring materials stand as symbols of resilience and grace, perfectly complementing the essence of LEISURE.


” The palette includes everything from warm terracotta to the black of volcanic ash, which we discovered in Southern Europe. There are also cheerful yellow hues, inspired by the Danish rape fields, along with graceful shades of grey, beige, and brown that capture the calm of Scandinavian forests.” — GamFratesi

A colour journey through Europe


Embarking on a journey through Europe, GamFratesi set out to discover the captivating colours that adorned each region they encountered.

We invite you to embark on a colour journey inspired by nature.

“We didn’t choose the colours we just looked around…and nature suggested them

– GamFratesi


“Greece welcomed us with the enchanting olive green of Aegina, reflecting the abundance of the land. Italy unveiled a diverse palette, from Amiata’s rustic charm of warm terracotta to Eolie Islands’ profound darkness of their black stones, emanating a sense of ancient power. The volcanic black of Mount Etna stirred awe and mystery, while Portugal’s Alentejo revealed a rich tapestry of brown, reflecting a deep connection to the earth,” says GamFratesi and continues:




“Spain’s Marés invited us to embrace tranquility with its soothing beige, while Bardenas’ golden-brown shades, made us connect with the rugged terrain and its timeless beauty. Valetta’s golden hues provided a warm and soft atmosphere whereas Sweden’s Gotland painted a serene landscape in graceful shades of grey.

Lapland’s distinctive bark of birch trees showcased a striking contrast, while Ploumanac’s vibrant red in France ignited passion amidst dramatic coastal landscapes. Denmark’s Råbjerg Mile displayed soft hues of sand, and Fyn greeted us with a cheerful yellow. Finally, Norway’s Trillemarka embraced us with warm shades of brown, symbolizing enduring strength and connection to the land.”

The LEISURE Collection


Notable for its rare combination of durability and natural softness, LEISURE echoes the feel of unprotected aniline leather. The leather features a multi-layered micro-finish, enhancing its resilience against various leisure-related elements such as pool and saltwater, sunlight, sunscreen, and general wear and tear.

Each hide of LEISURE has been meticulously hand-sanded to achieve a smooth, matte surface. Every hide is unique, with natural markings that tell the stories of its true origin, boasting an incredibly rich, two-tone look.

LEISURE exudes an authentic and genuine appearance, capturing the raw beauty and freedom of nature in an advanced protected leather that will endure for years to come.


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