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Sustainability Statement

We outsource all our leather production to external partners, who comply with the highest industry standards to produce the highest quality leather.


Our European production partners, as well as our producers that sell to companies in Europe, are obliged to comply with the stringent requirements set forth by EU legislation. Industry regulations to minimise waste, the use of chemicals, water, energy and resource consumption, in addition to ensuring good working conditions, animal welfare and more. We only partner with professionals who adhere to the strict standards governing animal welfare. Because the quality of the life they lead is also reflected in the quality of their hide.

Our Goal

To evaluate all our producers according to social and environmental criteria during our annual visits.

How we support the United Nation’s Global Goals – SDGs 6 & 12

To minimise any impact on human health and the environment by choosing production partners who ensure that our leather is properly produced in compliance with industry standards. Reducing chemical emissions to air, water and soil, while at the same time, increasing the safe recycling of wastewater and ensuring good working conditions.

Through upcycling, raw hides are up-graded into leather.
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