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Restaurant Esmée, Copenhagen

French cuisine meets a touch of Nordic. Restaurant Esmée is a delightful restaurant located on the largest square in the heart of Copenhagen. Designed by the award-winning duo Space Copenhagen, Esmée breathes understated luxury and a welcoming atmosphere characterized by greenery and natural materials such as leather.

Featuring NUANCE
Just as you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by plants and trees arranged at different heights. For the seating, the design studio chose our NUANCE collection. A luxurious leather with minimal maintenance where the nuances are seen in the natural texture as well as the tones.

Certified with The Indoor Climate Label
In addition, NUANCE is certified as contributing to a healthy indoor climate. Space Copenhagen has managed to combine a classic French brasserie with a Nordic twist to create an elegant and cozy, tranquil ambience.

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Restaurant Esmée in Copenhagen.

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