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Creating Warmth and Comfort in Denmark’s Tallest Building

NUANCE at Aarhus Øje and Restaurant Bavn
Humans are naturally drawn to open spaces and horizons, which evoke a sense of freedom and possibility. However, we also need stability and comfort to feel safe and secure. Balancing the allure of open spaces with elements that provide warmth and coziness is essential for creating environments where we can feel both invigorated and protected.

Aarhus Øje and Restaurant Bavn, located in Aarhus Ø, on the top of Denmark’s tallest building, Lighthouse, share this philosophy. Positioned side by side on the 44th floor, they offer a breathtaking panorama that provides a sense of openness and endless opportunity.

In contrast to these expansive views, our NUANCE® collection has been chosen to create a warm and cozy atmosphere within these spaces. By utilizing a warm color scheme, the NUANCE® collection softens the sharpness of the horizon and introduces a comforting stability. This thoughtful design choice ensures that while visitors can enjoy the vastness of the view, they also feel enveloped in a welcoming and secure environment.


Architecture and interior design: Where Softness and Strength Meet
The architecture of Aarhus Øje and Restaurant Bavn embodies the contrast between the harbor and human experience. The building’s cold exterior shell withstands the harsh forces of the sea, wind, and weather, showcasing resilience and strength.

Inside, our NUANCE® collection contributes to an atmosphere with warm tones and natural materials that foster a cozy, inviting space, resonating with human senses and scale.


Our NUANCE® collection: Where Warm Natural Nuances Meet Cool Colours
Featuring rich, earthy tones and natural textures, our NUANCE® collection stands in striking contrast to the surrounding harbor environment.

Certified by LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® and developed in collaboration with the renowned design studio Space Copenhagen, the collection showcases authentic depth and durability. It’s a new type of Protected leather, where the nuances are seen in the natural texture as well as the tones.

With NUANCE ®, the realness and the richness truly come through in a leather that’s lush to the touch. The natural patterns and imperfections are visible, reflecting the innate beauty of each hide. A very light, invisible coating keeps the subtleties and softness intact while protecting the leather from wear and tear. The result is a terrific tactile sensation in a leather that’s both alluring and enduring.


Location: Aarhus Ø
Interior Design: Form 3
Leather selections: NUANCE® collection
Photography: Jesper Johansen

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