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From Seats to Surfaces: Leather Table Tops at Restaurant Tiende

In a restaurant environment, using resistant materials is essential, so selecting materials that offer both durability and aesthetic appeal was crucial at Restaurant Tiende (Restaurant Tenth) located in Aarhus Ø.

Leather Table Tops
Our ULTRA® collection, one of the most versatile protected leathers available, became the perfect choice for their table tops as it combines elegance with sensory appeal and durability.
With a holistic approach to combining high quality with seasonal ingredients in a down-to-earth setting, Restaurant Tiende, chose sensory materials and a soft, nature-inspired colour scheme for their restaurant design.

Our ULTRA® collection:
A Blend of Resilience and Sensory Appeal
Unlike traditional fabric tablecloths, ULTRA® leather boasts exceptional durability, with an extremely strong protective finish that makes it easy to maintain — stains are easily wiped away with a fresh cloth and water. Furthermore, its heavy surface protection ensures it takes longer to show signs of aging or fading from light exposure.

Certified by LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®, our ULTRA® collection blends resilience and sensory appeal, which made it an ideal material for creating a welcoming yet practical dining environment at Restaurant Tiende.


Location: Nicolinehus Aarhus Ø
Interior Design: Third.Space
Leather selections: ULTRA® collection 
Photography: Jesper Johansen

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Ideal for table tops, ULTRA® leather offers exceptional durability with a strong protective finish, making maintenance easy — stains wipe away effortlessly with water and a cloth, while its robust surface protection ensures longevity against aging and fading from light exposure.

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