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COSMOPOLITAN is a light Protected leather with a slight texture to its smooth, matt surface. The effect is a very clean look in a leather that’s a pleasure to touch, look at and live with. Available in loads of colours.

Since it’s a Protected leather, COSMOPOLITAN is quite durable and easy to maintain, as it’s water and dirt repellent, as well as stain and smudge resistant.

The uniform surface is rather remarkable – also because it’s natural. The almost unperceivable markings are your reassurance of genuine, high quality leather.

The colour palette is comprised of dozens and dozens of shades. Each family of colours features a range of of subtle tones with various gradations of hues to choose from.

It all culminates in an inviting leather that’s strong and resilient, with an appeal that’s soft and utterly alluring.

Minimum order 1 hide
Dispatch 10 – 14 days
All colours can be ordered in two PERFORATED version
Minimum PERFORATED order: 1 hide. Dispatch 20-25 days
Type Protected leather
Thickness 1.1 – 1.3 mm
Size 5.0 – 5.5 m2
Origin European rawhide, typically from Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia
Surface Soft to the touch with a more uniform look
Finish Light surface protection
Tannage Chrome
Dye Water-based aniline dye
Particular attributes Water repellent, dirt repellent, stain resistant, smudge resistant, durable, easy upkeep. Smooth, uniform surface, user-friendly, loads of colours

Care & cleaning
As a natural material, leather requires looking after. If you care for the leather in the right way, it will become even more beautiful over time. Here are a few tips:
Our leather is ready for you to use as soon as it arrives, so there is no initial need to treat it or clean it. Over time if you see the need for cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner once or twice a month with a soft brush to remove any dust. Once or twice a year for thorough cleaning, use the foam from soap flakes stirred in warm water. Apply the foam with a dry soft cloth, minimising any contact with water. Avoid bar soap, saddle soap, leather cleaners, household detergents or chemical products. Protect from direct sunlight, excessive heat and sharp objects

The care and maintenance of leather will always depend on the specific way in which it is used, the conditions of use and how often it is used.

Custom The entire collection is available in two perforated designs. Special colours available with a minimum order. Just ask us

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Raffia - 44113

Spring - 44112

Teal - 44136

Forest - 44137

Navy - 44138

Perforated 140 - 44140

Perforated 150 - 44150

Black - 44139

Dark Brown - 44130

Havanna - 44128

Brown - 44127

Mocca - 44126

Tan - 44125

Coffee - 44114

Camel - 44108

Camel - 44108

Sand - 44107

Corn - 44115

Ginger - 44118

Ginger - 44118

Red Brown - 44121

Poppy - 44119

Brick - 44120

Rosso - 44122

Coral - 44123

Burgundy - 44124

Tobacco - 44129

Stone - 44135

Sepia - 44133

Lava - 44134

Alumium - 44132

Oyster - 44131

Mineral - 44104

Marble - 44109

Incense - 44110

Kelp - 44111

Pebble - 44105

Mustard - 44117

Mustard - 44117

Buff - 44116

Mellow - 44101

Angora - 44102

Desert - 44106

Desert - 44106

Beige - 44103

White - 44100

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