30 x Sørensen Colour Box & Booklet with Note Design Studio | Sorensen Leather

Together with Note Design Studio, we have created a colour box, featuring samples of 30 x Sørensen Leather colours as a tactile tool to inspire designers, architects and anyone working with leather.

Working with 5 visual moods and an endless numbers of combinations and structures, this edition of the colour box is all about the numerous possibilities for discovering and playing with leather in different colours and qualities.

“We would like to inspire and talk about the possibilities for creating all kinds of expressions by using the many colours and qualities from Sørensen Leather’s collection. By combining them 1+1 in different ways, you can evoke many different moods, such as muted, bold, and serene. We have selected 30 different leathers that can be varied in endless ways. Only the imagination and courage of the creator sets the limits”. /Note Design Studio

Engage your senses and take leather beyond the typical to create bespoke combinations.

We hope you enjoy this selection of 30 x Sørensen leathers which we have carefully curated together with Note Design Studio, known for their creativity and bold approach to colours and materials.

If you want to know more about the colour box, you are welcome to reach out to our Head of Contract, Mathias Meineche by e-mail mm@sorensenleather.com or phone: +45 2230 0004.


Click below to see the 5 visual moods in our Booklet.


Sørensen Leather Booklet 2022

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