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Combining Durability and Elegance for Restaurant Piccolo

ULTRA® at Restaurant Piccolo
At Restaurant Piccolo, situated at the waterfront in Aarhus Ø, our ULTRA® collection brings a warm and sensory-rich atmosphere that contrasts with the blue, cool tones of the harbor outside.

Inspired by an ambiance of Italy, the restaurant features natural materials and warm hues. To support this atmosphere, our ULTRA® collection was chosen to grace several chairs and benches, providing both softness and resilience to the furniture.

Certified by LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®, our ULTRA ® collection stands out as one of the most versatile protected leathers available. Buffed and embossed and truly nice to touch, the surface features a uniform grain pattern over the entire hide which gives it a consistent look.


Our ULTRA® collection: Durable Elegance
ULTRA® boasts exceptional attributes. Thanks to its extremely strong protective finish, it’s very easy to maintain. Stains don’t even leave a mark once wiped away using a fresh cloth with water. What’s more, as a leather with a heavy surface protection, ULTRA® will take longer to show signs of aging or fading due to exposure to light.

To complement its durability, ULTRA® is available in a diverse palette of colors ranging from warm, earthy tones to a selection of neutrals and vibrant hues.


Location: Aarhus Ø
Interior Design: Thinne Schubert 
Leather selections: ULTRA® collection 
Photography: Jesper Johansen

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The COGNAC hue from our ULTRA® collection enhances bespoke sofas and chairs, providing both softness and resilience to the furniture while creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in the room.

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