For decades, Sørensen Leather has been dressing the classics | Sorensen Leather

For decades, Sørensen Leather has been dressing the classics


For almost 50 years, our high-end, sustainable leather has dressed the most well-known icons, contributing to the proud Danish design heritage. ELEGANCE, SAVANNE® and VEGETAL are some of the most preferred collections used for Danish design classics seen all around the world.


Only 1-4% of all raw hides are used for production

ELEGANCE is a genuine aniline leather of the highest quality. Only 1-4% of all raw hides can be used to produce this exclusive aniline collection, reflecting Sørensen Leather’s high standards. Each hide is truly unique in terms of the hue and the surface itself. 


An OEKO-TEX® certified semi-aniline leather

SAVANNE® is “a Sørensen Leather classic” and the icon of semi-anilines. SAVANNE® is OEKO-TEX® certified and one of Sørensen Leather’s oldest collections. The surface of the leather has a special finish that protects against smudge and sunlight.


The epitome of authentic leather

VEGETAL is the epitome of original leather. It’s a raw leather, just as nature intended. VEGETAL is a purely vegetable-tanned leather with extracts from the mimosa plant. We feature it in its original colour, which becomes a beautiful light nut-brown colour with time. This type of aniline leather will develop a lovely, natural patina depending on its use.

The new classic

Besides the classic collections mentioned above, a new favourite has arrived in Sørensen Leather’s collection assortment. DUNES® is an exclusive aniline leather with a natural, rustic look and a sublime, almost velvety tactile feel. DUNES® is the only leather in the world certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. See the whole collection here.

Internal quality measurement by hand

High quality is a key factor at Sørensen Leather, known for some of the most high-end, sustainable leather in the world. Every hide that enters the warehouse goes through an extensive quality control, where they are evaluated for thickness, look and resistance, among other factors. Our internal quality measurements are crucial to our high quality.

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