Made from the most high-end raw hides, Aniline leather boasts a natural surface, where the original markings add to an authentic look with loads of character. Each hide is one-of-a-kind and truly unique. Enjoy a subtle patina that emerges over time and with exposure to light on this comfortable, luscious leather you’ll absolutely love.


    A light, transparent surface finish gives semi-aniline leather protection against stains and the effects of light, while at the same time keeping its organic look and feel. The result is a gorgeous, full-grain leather that’s easier to maintain and more resistant to wear and tear. With a comfort factor that’s utterly amazing.


    The ultimate for durability, Protected leather has a special surface treatment which guards against wear and tear, making it water repellent, dirt repellent and stain resistant. The leather is soft and extremely comfortable, with a more uniform look to the surface. Meaning, the natural markings are minimal in a leather that’s ultra easy to look after, designed to last for generations.